Allauddin Khan

Allauddin Khan played a key role in the liberation of Herat from the control of the communists in 1992. He was appointed commander of the 16th Division of Herat after the fall of the communist regime. He took an active part in the fight against the former militiamen in Herat, and Dostum in the north. He also fought against the Pakistan-sponsored Taliban militiamen in Farah and Helmand provinces; he was wounded in battle against them.

During the Jihad years, Commander Allauddin, who acted as a deputy to Commander Ismail Khan, led thousands of Mujahideen in to battle against the Soviets and their communist regime in Herat, and its neighboring provinces. Allauddin also played a key role in the creation and development of a Mujahideen military and civilian organization. They controlled parts of Herat and its neighboring provinces during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

Allauddin organized his soldiers in the form of a regular army due to the fact that he was a military officer prior to joining the Mujahideen. He said this system had worked much better because martyrdom of the commander of a unit did not lead to its disintegration.

In March of 1979, he served as a communication officer in Herat when the people of that city rose against the communist regime of Taraki. Scores of Soviet advisors and regime officers were killed, and the city fell to the Mujahideen. After three days, Soviet planes bombed the city and the regime forces attacked. Several thousand people were killed and the popular uprising was crushed. Many people fled to the mountains and some managed to cross the border into Iran. Allauddin and his loyal men also took refuge in Iran.

After a few months, he and Ismail Khan returned to Herat and they began an armed struggle against the Soviet-backed regime in Kabul. The Mujahideen in Herat chose Ismail Khan as their leader and Allauddin became his deputy. Allauddin Khan was famous for his piety, courage, simple way of life and independent thinking. While these qualities earned him the admiration of ordinary Afghans, they caused troubles for him within some foreign circles and his political rivals.

In addition to his fighting activities, Allauddin Khan visited Pakistan and Iran regularly to get supplies for his Mujahideen. He also visited France, England, Holland, Sweden and the United States to speak in support of the Jihad.

Allauddin went to the military school in Kabul after he graduated from the primary school of his village in Shindand District, Farah Province. After graduating in 1972, from the communications department of the military university in Kabul, he became a communication officer in the Zulmaykoot Division of Herat. He served there until he joined the Mujahideen in 1979. He started to make friends with Ismail Khan when they were both students at the military school.

Allauddin was born 47 years ago in the Amarat village, Shindand district. His father, Amruddin, was a farmer. Allauddin attended the school mosque of his village to learn the basics of Islam; he was a good student and he received the highest grades in his class.

After the fall of Herat to the Taliban in September of 1995, Allauddin became a refugee in Iran once more. In the beginning of 1995, he returned to Herat to organize his Mujahideen. Sadly, he was killed along with seven of his companions in Herat by an agent of the Taliban on July second.

The killer, Feda Mohammad, defected to the Taliban after committing the heinous crime. In Pakistan, a Taliban spokesman said that Feda was in their payroll. Allauddin's body was taken to Shindand, his home district, where he was buried in the presence of a large number of people.

To remember the late Allauddin, the Islamic State of Afghanistan organized a meeting in Kabul on July 15 in which President Rabbani, Hikmatyar, Prof. Sayaf, Ahmad Shah Masood and thousands of other people participated. Allauddin's death is considered a great loss to the Mujahideen and the people of Herat who want nothing more than to rid themselves of the Taliban rule. Allauddin lived an honorable life as a Mujahid and laid down his life in struggle to free Herat from the rule of the Taliban.

Allauddin was married and had five children.

Source: AFGHANews


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