Farhad Darya

Farhad Darya is an award winning popular Afghan singer and composer.

Farhad Darya was born in Kabul on September 22, 1962 to Pashtun parents. He is the grandson of Sher Khan Nashir, the Grand Khan of the Ghilzai Kharoti tribe of Ghazni and governor of Kunduz in the 1930’s. As a youth, Darya studied Afghan literature at Kabul University. During this time, he was in bands, and wrote music for other artists under a pseudonym. Darya left university early and joined the Afghan Armed Forces. In 1990, he immigrated to Germany, where on a trip to Paris, he met his future wife, Sultana Emam. They have one son. Though Darya has been an active part of the Afghan music scene for many years, he truly garnered fame as a singer-songwriter after the fall of the Taliban. His lyrics are marked by patriotism and an urge for peace in Afghanistan. His song "Kabul Jan" (Beloved Kabul) was the first song to be played in Kabul when the Taliban were forced to leave the city in late 2001. He has released over a dozen albums and tours the world giving concerts to his growing fan-base. He is also a UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) Goodwill Ambassador for Afghanistan.

by S. Ghilzai and Abdullah Qazi / Published on June 26, 2015


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