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Books on Afghanistan

The books are in alphabetical order according to the author's or editor's last name.

    Title: My Khyber Marriage: Experiences of a Scotswoman as the Wife of a Pathan Chieftain's Son
    Author:  Morag Murray Abdullah
    Publisher: The Octagon Press, England, (available in America through ISHK Book Service, Cambridge)

    Title: Valley of the Giant Buddhas
    Author: Morag Murray Abdullah
    Publisher: Octagon Press

    Title: Dictionary of Afghan Wars, Revolutions, and Insurgencies (Historical Dictionaries of Wars, Revolution, and Civil Unrest, No. 1)
    Author: Ludwig W. Adamec
    Publisher: Scarecrow Press

    Title: Historical Dictionary of Afghanistan
    Author: Ludwig W. Adamec
    Publisher: Scarecrow Press

    Title: Ajhdahie Surkh (The Red Dragon)
    Author:  Kabir Ahmad Ahang (Herawi)

    Title: Inside the Soviet Army in Afghanistan
    Author: Alex Alexiev
    Publisher: Rand Corp

    Title: Afghanistan (Cultures of the World)
    Authors: Sharifah Enayat Ali

    Title: Afghanistan of the Afghans
    Author: Shah Sirdar Ikbal Ali
    Publisher: Shah Sirdar Ikbal Ali

    Title: Archaeology of Afghanistan : From Earliest Times to the Timurid Period
    Author: F. R. Allchin, N. Hammond (Editor)
    Publisher: Academic Press

    Title: Afghanistan Crises
    Author: Tahir Amin
    Publisher: Holy Koran Publishing House

    Title: The Cultural Basis of Afghan Nationalism
    Editors: Ewan W. Anderson and Nancy Hatch Dupree
    Publisher:  Printer Publishers, 1990, UK.

    Title: Afghanistan : Fighting for Freedom (Discovering Our Heritage)
    Author: Mir T. Ansary
    Publisher: Dillon Press

    Title: The Tragedy of Afghanistan : A First-Hand Account
    Author: Raja Anwar, Fred Halliday, Khalid Hasan (Translator)
    Publisher: Verso Books

    Title: The Fateful Pebble: Afghanistan's Role in the Fall of the Soviet Empire
    Author: Anthony Arnold
    Publisher: Presidio Press

    Title: Afghanistan's Two-Party Communism : Parcham and Khalq
    Author: Anthony Arnold
    Publisher: Hoover Inst Press

    Title: Afghanistan : The Soviet Invasion in Perspective (Publication 321)
    Author: Anthony Arnold
    Publisher: Hoover Inst Press

    Title: Buzkashi: Game and Power in Afghanistan
    Author: G. Whitney Azoy
    Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

    Title: A History of Afghanistan
    Translator:  Vitaly Baskakov
    Publisher: Firebird Publishings

    Title: Afghanistan, A Country Study
    Authors: Sally Ann Baynard, Laurie Krieger, Robert S. Ford, Donald M. Seekins, Samuel Hayfield
    Publisher: United States Government

    Title: The Politics of Social Transformation in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan (Contemporary Issues in the Middle East)
    Author: Ali Banuazizi (Editor), Myron Weiner
    Publisher: Syracuse Univ Press

    Title: The Central Asian Arabs of Afghanistan : Pastoral Nomadism in Transition
    Author: Thomas J. Barfield
    Publisher: Univ of Texas Press

    Title: Prigioniero in Afghanistan (Italian - Prisoner in Afghanistan)
    Author: Fausto Biloslavo
    Publisher: Sugar Co. Edizioni, Milano, 1989

    Title: RUSSIAN ROULETTE: Afghanistan Through Russian Eyes
    Author: Gennady Bocharov. Translated by Alyona Kojevnikov
    Publisher: A Cornelia and Michael Bessie Book/ HarperCollins

    Title: Among the Afghans (Central Asia Book Series)
    Author: Arthur Bonner
    Publisher: Duke Univ Press

    Title: The Hidden War : A Russian Journalist's Account of the Soviet War in Afghanistan
    Author: Artyom Borovik
    Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press

    Title: The History of the Saffarids of Sistan and the Maliks of Nimruz (247/861 to 949/1542-3)
    Author: Clifford Edmund Bosworth
    Publisher: Mazda Pub

    Title: The Later Ghaznavids : Splendour and Decay : The Dynasty in Afghanistan and Northern India, 1040-1186
    Author: Clifford Edmund Bosworth
    Publisher: Mazda Pub

    Title: Gemstones of Afghanistan
    Author: Gary W. Bowersox
    Publisher: Geoscience Press

    Title: Gemstones of Afghanistan
    Authors: Bonita Chamberlin Bowersox, Bonita E. Chamberlin, Gary W. Bowersox
    Publisher: Mountain Press

    Title: Afghanistan and the Soviet Union
    Author: Henry S. Bradsher
    Publisher: Duke Univ Press

    Title: The Road to Oxiana
    Author: Robert Byron
    Publisher: Oxford Univ Press

    Title: The Pathans : 500 B.C.-A.D. 1957
    Author: Olaf Caroe
    Publisher: Oxford Univ Press

    Title: Guerrilla Strategies: An Historical Anthology from the Long March to Afghanistan
    Author: Gerard Chaliand
    Publisher: University of California Press

    Title: Out of Afghanistan: The Inside Story of the Soviet Withdrawal
    Author: Diego Cordovez and Selig S. Harrison
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Title: Danziger's Travels
    Author:  Nick Danziger
    Publisher: Flamingo / HarperCollins

    Title: Danziger's Adventures; from Miami to Kabul
    Author: Nick Danziger
    Publisher: Harper Colins

    Title: Bridgehead Afghanistan
    Author: Wilhelm Dietl
    Publisher: South Asia Books

    Title: Afghan Cookery
    Author: Doris McKellar
    Publisher: Afghan Book, Kabul, 1972

    Title: Three Women of Herat
    Author: Veronica Doubleday
    Publisher: Univ of Texas Press

    Title: Afghanistan
    Author: Louis Dupree
    Publisher: Princeton University Press

    Title: Heroes of the Age : Moral Fault Lines on the Afghan Frontier (Comparative Studies on Muslim Societies, No 21)
    Author: David B. Edwards
    Publisher: Univ of California Press

    Title: Gorbachev's Afghan Gambit (National Security Paper, 9)
    Author: Theodore L. Eliot
    Publisher: Inst Foreign Policy Analysis

    Title: The Red Army on Pakistan's Border : Policy Implications for the United States (Foreign Policy Report)
    Editor: Theodore L. Eliot
    Publisher: Brasseys Inc

    Title: Politics of Women and Development in Afghanistan
    Author: Hafizullah Emadi
    Publisher: Paragon House

    Title: State, Revolution, and Superpowers in Afghanistan
    Author: Hafizullah Emadi
    Publisher: Praeger Pub

    Title: Afghanistan Dar Panj Qarn Akheer (IN DARI)
    English Title: Afghanistan in the Past Five Centuries.
    Author: Mir M. Sediq Farhang
    Publisher: Sanai Publishing

    Title: Afghan Resistance: The Politics of Survival
    Editors: Grant M. Farr and John G. Merriam
    Publisher: Westview Press

    Title: Shadow Over Afghanistan
    Author: Fazel Rahman Fazel
    Publisher: Western Book/Journal Press

    Title: Afghanistan: Highway of Conquest
    Author: Arnold Fletcher
    Publisher: Cornell University Press

    Title: Afghanistan (Enchantment of the World)
    Author: Leila Merrell Foster
    Publisher: Childrens Press

    Title: Caravans and Trade in Afghanistan
    Author: Birthe Frederiken

    Title: Islamic Fundamentalism in Afghanistan : Its Character and Prospects
    Author: Graham E. Fuller
    Publisher: Rand Corp

    Title: Afghanistan, the Soviet Union's Last War
    Author: Mark Galeotti
    Publisher: Frank Cass & Co

    Title: Afghanistan : Agony of a Nation
    Author: Sandy Gall
    Publisher: Bodley Head

    Title: Searching for Saleem : An Afghan Woman's Odyssey
    Author: Farooka Gauhari
    Publisher: Univ of Nebraska Press

    Title: Afghanistan Du communisme au fondamentalisme
    Author: Sylvie Gélinas
    Publisher:  L,Harmattan, Paris

    Title: The Road to Kabul : An Anthology
    Author:  Gerald De Gaury
    Publisher: Book Sales

    Title: British and American Responses to the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
    Author: Gabriella Grasselli
    Publisher: Dartmouth Pub Co

    Title: Award Winning Low-Fat Afghani Cooking
    Author: Asad Gharwal
    Publisher: Asad Gharwal

    Title: The Fall of Afghanistan : An Insider's Account
    Author: Abdul Samad Ghaus
    Publisher: Brasseys Inc

    Title: Caught in the Crossfire
    Author: Jan Goodwin
    Publisher: E. P. Dutton

    Title: Price Of Honor
    Author: Jan Goodwin
    Publihser: Little, Brown

    Title: The Emergence of Modern Afghanistan: Politics of Reform and Modernization, 1880-1946
    Author: Vartan Gregorian
    Publisher: Stanford University Press

    Title: Afghanistan: Key to a Continent
    Author: John C. Griffiths
    Publisher: Westview Press

    Title: Conflict in Afghanistan (Flashpoint)
    Author: J. Griffiths
    Publisher:  Rourke Pub Group

    Title: The Performance of Emotion Among Pashtun Women : 'the Misfortunes Which Have Befallen Me'
    Author:  Benedicte Grima
    Publisher: Univ of Texas Press

    Title: External Influences and the Development of the Afghan State in the Nineteenth Century
    Author: Zalmay A. Gulzad
    Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing

    Title: Afghanistan : Politics, Economics and Society : Revolution, Resistance, Intervention (Marxist Regimes Series)
    Author: Bhavani Sen Gupta
    Publisher: Pinter Pub Ltd

    Title: Red Flag Over Afghanistan: The Communist Coup, the Soviet Invasion, and the Consequences
    Author: Thomas T. Hammond
    Publisher: Westview Press

    Title: Afghanistan : The Synagogue and the Jewish Home
    Author: Zohar Hanegbi
    Publisher: Center for Jewish Art

    Title:  HINDU KUSH (fiction)
    Author: Y. L. Harris
    Publisher: Ashley Books, 1990

    Title: Out of Afghanistan : The Inside Story of the Soviet Withdrawal
    Author: Selig S. Harrison, Diego Cordovez
    Publisher: Oxford Univ Press

    Title: The Soviet War in Afghanistan : Patterns of Russian Imperialism
    Author: Milan Hauner
    Publisher: Univ Pr of Amer

    Title: Afghanistan and the Soviet Union : Collision and Transformation
    Author: Milan Hauner, Robert L. Canfield
    Publisher: Westview Press

    Title: The Soldiers' Story
    Author: Anna Heinamaa, Maija Leppanen, Yuri Yurchenko
    Publisher: Univ of California Intl

    Title: Noshe Djian: Afghan Food and Cookery
    Author: Saberi Helen
    Publisher: Prospect books

    Title: The Afghan Rebels : The War in Afghanistan
    Author: D.J. Herda
    Publisher:  Franklin Watts

    Title: Under a Sickle Moon : A Journey Through Afghanistan
    Author: Peregrine Hodson
    Publisher: Ulverscroft Large Print Books

    Title: Afghanistan
    Author: Michael Howarth
    Publisher: Chelsea house

    Title: Afghanistan Under Soviet Domination, 1964-83
    Author: Anthony Hyman
    Publisher: St Martins Press

    Title: War in a Distant Country, Afghanistan: Invasion and Resistance
    Author: David G. Isby
    Publisher: Arm and Armour Press, London, 1989

    Title: Afghanistan Venture
    Author: Paul S. Jones
    Publisher: The Naylor Company

    Title: Afghanistan (World Bibliographical Series, Vol 135)
    Author: Schuyler Jones
    Publisher: Abc-Clio

    Title: Untying the Afghan Knot : Negotiating Soviet Withdrawal
    Author: Riaz M. Kahn
    Publisher: Duke Univ Press

    Title: Government and Society in Afghanistan: The Reign of Amir' Abd al-Rahman Khan
    Author: Hasan Kawun Kakar
    Publisher: University of Texas

    Title: Afghanistan : The Soviet Invasion and the Afghan Response, 1979-1982
    Author: M. Hasan Kakar
    Publisher: Univ of California Press

    Title: Soldiers of God: With the Mujahideen in Afghanistan
    Author: Robert D. Kaplan
    Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company

    Title: My Life - From Brigand to King
    Author: Amir Habibullah Khan
    Publisher: Octagon Press

    Title: Untying of the Afghan Knot: Negotiating Soviet Withdrawal
    Author: Riaz M. Khan
    Publisher: Duke University Press

    Title: Afghanistan: The Great Game Revisited
    Editor: Rosanne Klass
    Publisher: Freedom House

    Title: The Constitutional Decade
    Author: Sabah Kushkaki
    Publisher: Cultural Council of Afghanistan Resistance
    Language: Dari

    Title: Life of the Amir Dost Mohammed Khan of Kabul
    Author: Mohan Lal
    Publisher: Oxford Univ Press

    Title: The 'Ancient Supremacy' : Bukhara, Afghanistan and the Battle for Balkh, 1731-1901 (Islamic History and Civilization , No 15)
    Author: Jonathan L. Lee
    Publisher: E J Brill

    Title: Permian Stratigraphy and Fusulinida of Afghanistan With Their Paleogeographic and Paleotectonic Implications
    Author: E. Ia Leven, Calvin H. Stevens, Donald L. Baars
    Publisher: Geological Society of America

    Title: The light garden of the angel king: journeys in Afghanistan
    Author: Peter Levi
    Publisher: Collins

    Title: Caravan
    Author: Darryl Ligasan (Illustrator), Lawrence Jr. McKay
    Publisher: Lee & Low Books

    Title: Holy War, Unholy Victory : Eyewitness to the Cia's Secret War in Afghanistan
    Author: Kurt Lohbeck
    Publisher: Regnery Publishing, Inc.

    Title: Afghanistan: A Profile
    Author: Ralph H. Magnus
    Publisher: Westview Press

    Title: Afghan Alternatives : Issues, Options and Policies
    Editor: Ralph H. Magnus
    Publisher: Transaction Pub

    Title: Soviet-American Relations with Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan
    Author: Hafeez Malik
    Publisher: St. Martin's Press

    Title: Afghanistan : Soviet Vietnam
    Author: Naomi Marcus, Marianne Clarke Trangen (Translator), Vladislav Tamarov
    Publisher: Mercury House

    Title: Fundamentalism Reborn? Afghanistan and the Taliban
    Editor: William Maley
    Publisher: C. Hurst & Co. Publishers

    Title: The Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan
    Author: William Maley (Editor), Amin Saikal
    Publisher: Cambridge Univ Press

    Title: Disposable People? : The Plight of Refugees
    Author: Judy Mayotte
    Publisher: Orbis Books

    Title: Waqf in Central Asia : Four Hundred Years in the History of a Muslim Shrine, 1480-1889
    Author: R. D. McChesney
    Publisher: Princeton Univ Press

    Title: Stumbling Bear : Soviet Military Performance in Afghanistan
    Author: Scott R. McMichael
    Publisher: Brasseys Inc

    Title: Afghanistan : Paradise Lost
    Author: Roland Michaud
    Publisher: Rizzoli Intl Pubns

    Title: Caravans to Tartary
    Authors: Sabrina Michaud, Roland Michaud
    Publisher: Thames & Hudson

    Title: Afghanistan
    Authors: Sabrina Michaud, Roland Michaud
    Publisher: Thames & Hudson

    Title: Caravans : A Novel
    Author: James Albert Michener
    Publisher: Random House

    Title: Oral Narrative in Afghanistan : The Individual in Tradition
    Author: Margaret Ann Mills
    Publisher: Garland Pub

    Title: Rhetorics and Politics in Afghan Traditional Storytelling
    Author: Margaret A. Mills
    Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

    Title: Afghanistan in Crisis
    Author: K. P. Misra
    Publisher: Stosius Inc/Advent Books Division

    Title: The 3rd World : Afghanistan and Pakistan/P 2655
    Author:  E. Willard Miller
    Publisher:  Vance Bibliographies

    Title:  Hazaras of Afghanistan
    Author: S. Mousavi
    Publisher:  Saint Martin's Press, Incorporated

    Title: The Politics of Afghanistan
    Author: Richard S. Newell
    Publisher: Cornell University Press

    Title: Afghanistan (in German)
    Editor: M. R. Nicod
    Publisher: Penguin-Verlag, Innsbruck, 1985

    Title: Afghan Craftsmen : The Cultures of Three Itinerant Communities (Carlsberg Foundation's Nomad Research Project)
    Author: Ida Nicolaisen
    Publisher: Thames & Hudson

    Title: Afghan Nomads in Transition : A Century of Change Among the Zala Khan Khel (The Carlsberg Foundation's Nomad Research Project)
    Authors: Ida Nicolaisen, Gorm Pedersen
    Publisher: Thames & Hudson

    Title: Afghanistan: Between the Past and the Future
    Author: Lev Nikolayev
    Publisher: Progress Publishers

    Title: Amidst Ice and Nomads in High Asia
    Author: Edward F. Noack
    Publisher: National Literary Guild

    Title: Afghan Wars, 1839-1992 : What Britain Gave Up and the Soviet Union Lost
    Author: Edgar O'Ballance
    Publisher: Brasseys Inc

    Title: Health Care in Muslim Asia : Development and Disorder in Wartime Afghanistan
    Author: Ronald W. O'Connor
    Publisher: Univ Pr of Amer

    Title: Islam and Politics in Afghanistan
    Author: Asta Olesen
    Publisher: Curzon Press

    Title: Afghanistan (Country Guide Series Report from the Aacrao-Aid Project)
    Author: Holly A. O'Neill
    Publisher: Amer Assn of Coll Registrars

    Title: Holy Blood : An Inside View of the Afghan War
    Author: Paul Overby
    Publisher: Praeger Pub Text

    Title: Adventures in Afghanistan
    Author: Louis Palmer
    Publisher: Octagon Press

    Title: Oriental Rugs: The Carpets of Afghanistan
    Author: R. D. Parsons
    Publisher: R.D. Parsons

    Title: The Hazaras
    Author: Hassan Poladi
    Publisher:  Mughal Publishing co.

    Title: Reform and Rebellion in Afghanistan, 1919-1929: King Amanullah's Failure
    to Modernize a Tribal Society
    Author: Leon B. Poullada
    Publisher: Cornell University Press

    Title: Cultural Policy in Afghanistan
    Author: Shafie Rahel
    Publisher: Unesco Press

    Title: The Environmental Impact of war in Afghanistan (in French)
    Author: Eng. Abdul Hamid Rahmanyar
    Publisher: Federal Institute of Technologie of Lausanne, Switzerland

    Title: Afghanistan Mongolia and USSR
    Author: Ram Rahul
    Publisher: Vikas Pub

    Title: War Without Winners : Afghanistan's Uncertain Transition After the Cold War
    Author: Rasul Bakhsh Rais
    Publisher:  Oxford Univ Press

    Title: Between Two Giants: Political History of Afghanistan in the 19th century
    Author: Sayed Qaseem Reshtia
    Publisher: Afghan Jehad Works Translation Centre, 1990

    Title: The Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan : Analysis and Chronology
    Author: Tom Rogers
    Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group

    Title: The Kingdom of Afghanistan and the United States: 1828-1973
    Author: Leon B. Roullada & Leila D. J. Poullada
    Publisher: Dageforde Publishing and the Center for Afghanistan
    Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha

    Title: Ancient Art from Afghanistan : Treasures of the Kabul Museum
    Author: Benjamin, Jr. Rowland
    Publisher: Ayer Co Pub

    Title: Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan : Causes, Consequences and India's Response
    Author: Arundhati Roy
    Publisher: Stosius Inc/Advent Books Division

    Title: Afghanistan : From Holy War to Civil War
    Author: Olivier Roy
    Publisher: Darwin Press

    Title: Islam and Resistance in Afghanistan
    Author:  Olivier Roy
    Publisher: Cambridge Univ Press

    Title: The Fragmentation of Afghanistan : State Formation and Collapse in the International System
    Author: Barnett R. Rubin
    Publisher: Yale Univ Press

    Title: The Search for Peace in Afghanistan : From Buffer State to Failed State
    Author: Barnett R. Rubin
    Publisher: Yale Univ Press

    Title: Soviet Policy Toward Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan : The Dynamics of Influence
    Author: Alvin Z. Rubinstein
    Publisher: Praeger Pub

    Title: Left out in the Cold: The Perilous Homecoming of Afghan Refugees
    Author: Hiram A Ruiz
    Publisher: U.S. Committee for Refugees

    Title: The Pulicharki Prison: A Communist Inferno in Afghanistan
    Author: Professor Mohammd Osman Rustar
    Editor: Ehsanullah Azeri
    Publisher: Writers Union of Free Afghanistan

    Title: The Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan
    Author: Amin Saikal, William Maley (Editor)
    Publisher: Cambridge Univ Press

    Title: Regime Change in Afghanistan : Foreign Intervention and the Politics of Legitimacy
    Authors:  Amin Saikal, William Maley
    Publisher: Westview Press

    Title: Political Order in Post-Communist Afghanistan
    Authors: Fazel Haq Saikal, William Maley
    Publisher: Lynne Rienner Pub

    Title: A Violation of Trust
    Authors: Joseph S. Salzburg
    Publisher: Sovereign Books

    Title: The Afghan Syndrome :The Soviet Union Vietnam
    Author: Maj. Gen Oleg Sarin and Col. Lv Dvoretsky
    Publisher: Presidio Press, CA, U.S.A 1993

    Title: Lords of the Khyber
    Author: Andre Singer
    Publisher: Faber and Faber

    Title: Afghanistan of the Afghans
    Author: Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah
    Publisher: Octagon Press

    Title: Tales of Afghanistan
    Author: Amina Shah
    Publisher: Ishk Book Service

    Title: Kara Kush
    Author: Idries Shah
    Publisher: Octagon Press

    Title: Afghan Caravan
    Author: Safia Shah, Ed.
    Publisher: Octagon Press

    Title: Revolutions & Rebellions in Afghanistan : Anthropological Perspectives
    Author: M. Nazif Shahrani, Robert L. Canfield (Editor)
    Publisher: Univ of California Intl

    Title: Long Years of Exile : Central Asian Refugees in Afghanistan and Pakistan
    Author: Audrey C., Dr. Shalinsky
    Publisher: Univ Pr of Amer

    Title: Soviet Expansion in the Third World : Afghanistan a Case Study
    Author: Nasir Shansab
    Publisher: Bartleby Press

    Title: Dust of the Saints : A Journey to Herat in Time of War
    Author: Radek Sikorski
    Publisher: Paragon House

    Title: Superpower Detente and the Future of Afghanistan
    Authors: Jasjit Singh, Eduard Shevardnadze, B.K. Shrivastava, B. Gupta
    Publisher: South Asia Books

    Title: The Minaret of Djam : An Excursion in Afghanistan.
    Author: Freya Stark
    Publisher: Transatlantic Arts

    Title: Fire in Afghanistan: 1914-1929
    Author: Rhea Stewart
    Publisher: Doubleday & Co.

    Title: Afghanistan : An Atlas of Indigenous Domestic Architecture
    Author: Albert Szabo, Thomas J. Barfield
    Publisher: Univ of Texas Press

    Title: Khaterat Chordha Zindaghi Diplomatik-e-man
    (Reminiscences of my four decades of diplomatic life) -- in dari
    Author: Dr. Abdul H. Tabibi (trans. A. Hadi Shokur)
    Publisher: Geneva

    Title: Afghanistan: Soviet Vietnam
    Author: Vladislav Tamarov
    Publisher: Mercury House

    Title: Bartered Brides : Politics, Gender, and Marriage in an Afghan Tribal Society
    Author: Nancy Tapper
    Publisher: Cambridge Univ Press

    Title: Afghanistan
    Author: Alex Ullmann
    Publisher: Ticknor & Fields

    Title: War in Afghanistan
    Author: Mark Urban
    Publisher: St Martins Press

    Title: An Afghanistan Picture Show : Or, How I Saved the World
    Author: William T. Vollmann
    Publisher: Farrar Straus & Giroux

    Title: Beyond the Khyber Pass: The Road to British Disaster in the first Afghan War
    Author: John H. Waller
    Publisher: Random House

    Title: Afghanistan, Non-Alignment and the Super Powers
    Author: Mohammad Amin Wakman
    Publisher: Humanities Press

    Title:  Afghanistan At the Crossroads
    Author: Mohammad Amin Wakman
    Publisher: ABC Publishing House, New Delhi

    Title: Pakistan & Afghanistan: Resistance and Reconstruction
    Author: Marvin Weinbaum
    Publisher: Westview Press

    Title: The Politics of Social Transformation in Afghanistan, Iran and Paksitan
    Editors: Myron Weiner and Ali Banuazizi
    Publisher: Syracuse University Press

    Title: Charles Masson of Afghanistan : Explorer, Archaeologist, Numismatist, and Intelligence Agent
    Author: Gordon Whitteridge
    Publisher: Aris & Phillips

    Title: The Bear Trap : Afghanistan's Untold Story
    Authors: Mohammed Yousaf, Mark Adkin
    Publisher: Leo Cooper

    Title: Devil's Playground
    Author: Said Yassin Zia
    Publisher: Morris Pub

    Title: Silent Soldier
    Author: Mohammad Yousaf
    Publisher: Jang Publisher-Lahore-Pakistan

    Title: Afghanistan in Pictures (Visual Geography)
    Publisher: Lerner Publications Company

    Title: Afghanistan : The First Five Years of Soviet Occupation
    Publisher: Government Printing Office

    Title: Afghanistan : Torture of Political Prisoners
    Publisher: Amnesty Intl USA

    Title: By All Parties to the Conflict : Violations of the Laws of War in Afghanistan
    Publisher: Published by Human Rights Watch

    Title: Afghanistan the Forgotten War : Human Rights Abuses and Violations of the
    Laws of War Since the Soviet Withdrawal
    By: Asia Watch Staff
    Publisher: Human Rights Watch

    Title: Pakistan and Afghanistan
    Publisher: Westview Press

    Title: Tradition and Dynamism Among Afghan Refugees
    Publisher: International Labour Organisation

    Title: Afghanistan : is there hope for peace? : hearings before the Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs of the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, One Hundred Fourth Congress, second session, June 6, 25, 26, and 27, 1996
    Publisher: U.S. G.P.O.

    Title: The Land and People of Afghanistan
    Publisher: Lippincott-Raven Publishers

    Title: Asia and Pacific Review: 58 Countries, from New Zealand to China to Afghanistan
    Author: Hunter Publishing
    Publisher: hunter pub inc

    Title: Widener Library Shelflists, 19. Southern Asia: Afghanistan,
    Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, Ceylon, ..
    Author: Harvard University


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