MoPH to enhance treatment, reintegration of drug addicts in Afghanistan

Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Afghanistan

August 25, 2009

Dr. SMA Fatimie visited a temporary center for the treatment and reintegration of drug addicts in Jangalak compound, west part of Kabul city. The center was established 4 months ago to accommodate wanderer drug addicts in Kabul, to treat them and to reintegrate them in to their families and communities. Dr SMA Fatimie announced that a 200 bed Hospital will be constructed in Kabul to serve drug addicts and to rehabilitate them to resume their normal life.

The temporary center in Jangalak area has treated 500 drug addicts and sent them home. Dr. Fatimie also congratulated a group of young drug addicts who have been successfully treated and rejoined their families. He said that today was a lucky day for them because they quitted drug addiction and returning home and starting a new life and saying no to drug addiction.

He urged them to start working and never thinking of narcotics. At the end of the gathering a UK based Islamic Relief Organization distributed 172 sacs of rice, 175 Kg Ghee, 2750 Kg Wheat Flour, 250 Kg Sugar and 20 blankets to the center.

Another 165 drug addicts are under treatment in the center.

Note: Dr. Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatimie is the Minister of Public Health.


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