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(Afghan National Army, Afghan Air Force, and Militias)

According to the constitution of Afghanistan, the defense of the country is the responsibility of all citizens of Afghanistan. Similar to the United States Military Academy at West Point, Afghanistan has established the National Military Academy of Afghanistan. It's mission is to produce officers for the Afghan National Army and Afghan Air Force. The Afghan National Army which numbers 134,000 troops [1] and growing, was put together and is currently being trained by the United States and other coalition forces. Desertion and difficulty recruiting qualified individuals are the major problems faced by the Army. The Afghan government would like the country's armed forces to be around 250,000. Senior Afghan officials openly admit that Afghanistan's armed forces are not ready to defend the country against the Taliban and Al Qaeda and will need international assistance for many years.

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Basic Facts on Afghanistan's Military

  • Minister of Defense: Abdul Raheem Wardak
  • Army Chief of Staff: Lt. General Sher Mohammad Karimi
  • Branches: Afghan National Army and Afghan Air Corps. There are also militias authorized by the government.
  • Military service age and obligation: 22 years of age; inductees are contracted into service for a 4-year term. [2]
  • Manpower available for military service: Males age 16-49: 7,431,147
    Females age 16-49: 7,004,819 (2008 est.) [2]
  • Manpower fit for military service:
    Males age 16-49: 4,234,180
    Females age 16-49: 3,946,685 (2008 est.)[2]
  • Manpower reaching service age annually: Males age 16-49: 371,451
    Females age 16-49: 351,295 (2008 est.) [2]
  • Military expenditures - percent of GDP: 1.9% (2006 est.) [2]
  • Major Modern Wars: Anglo Afghan War I, II, & III, and the Soviet War
  • Major Foreign Donor/Supplier: U.S.A

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Senior Officers in the Afghan Army

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[1] NATO Press Release August 10, 2010 - "Afghan Army reaches targeted strength early"

[2] United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - accessed May 5, 2008

By Abdullah Qazi
Section last updated on October 6,  2010



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