Senior Officers in the Afghan Military

Defense Minister
General Abdul Raheem Wardak

Army Chief of Staff
Lt. General Sher Mohammad Karimi

  • Vice Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Mohammad Eshaq Noori

  • General Staff Chief of Personnel, Major General Abdul Abdullah

  • General Staff Chief of Intelligence, Major General Abdul Khaliq Faryad

  • General Staff Chief of Operations, Lieutenant General Shir Mohammad Karimi

  • General Staff Chief of Logistics, Lieutenant General Azizuddin Farahee

  • General Staff Chief of Communications, Major General Mehrab Ali

  • General Staff Inspector General, Major General Jalandar Shah

  • 201st Selab ("Flood") Corps Commander, Major General Mohammad Mangal

  • 203rd Tandar ("Thunder") Corps Commander, Major General Abdul Khaliq

  • 205th Atal ("Hero") Corps Commander, Major General Rahmatullah Raufi

  • 207th Zafar ("Victory") Corps Commander, Major General Walizadah

  • 209th Shaheen ("Falcon") Corps Commander, Major General Taj Mohammad

  • Afghan National Army Training Command, Major General Aminullah Karim

  • Command and General Staff College, Major General Rizak

  • National Military Academy of Afghanistan, Major General Shariff

  • Kabul Military Training Centre, Brigadier General Mohammad Wardak

Source: Official Afghan National Army Website - accessed on May 8, 2008
Last updated - July 8, 2010 (New Army Chief of Staff)


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