Biography of Abdul Majid Zabuli


Last Updated: AQ/2001

Abdul Majid Zabuli was the founder of Afghanistan’s banking system and through it developed the economy, imported and installed plants and factories such as power plants, textile mills and others. Zabuli founded the Ashami company in 1932, and it eventually developed into the Afghan National Bank (Bank-i-Milli Afghanistan). Up until the 1990s the Afghan National Bank had seven branches in Kabul, and ten in other provinces. It also had offices in such cities as Karachi (Pakistan), Hamburg (Germany), London (England), and New York (USA). He also founded the Da Afghanistan Bank, and the Industrial bank. He was educated in Herat and later at Tashkent. He became Minister of National Economy in 1936 and served his country in this position until the 1950s. He was born in August of 1896, and he died in November of 1998. Zabuli was very much concerned with the young Afghan generation and he used his wealth to support various forms of education and assistance for them.

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