Biography of Abdul Rahim Ghafoorzai


Ghafoorzai was a prominent Afghan politician who was one of the first Afghan officials to denounce the Soviet invasion (1979) at the United Nations, in New York. During the resistance against the Soviets and Dr.Najibullah’s government, Ghafoorzai worked closely with various Mujahideen leaders. In 1992, after the defeat of Dr. Najibullah, Ghafoorzai was appointed as Afghanistan’s Charge d’ Affaires to the United Nations. He soon became the Deputy Foreign Minister for President Burhanuddin Rabbani, and in March 1996, he was appointed as Foreign Minister. Just as he was highly vocal against the Soviets, Ghafoorzai also worked against the Taliban and accused Pakistan of supporting them. On August 11, 1997, he was appointed as the Prime Minister of Rabbani’s government, however, his career was cut short due to a plane accident in central Afghanistan which took his life.

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