Biography of Abdul Salam Azimi

By S. Ghilzai
February 3, 2016

Abdul Salam Azimi

Abdul Salam Azimi is an Afghan politician.

Abdul Salam Azimi was born in 1936 in the province of Farah. From the Pashtun tribe Alizai, Azimi grew up in Kabul but fled the country when the Soviets invaded. Azimi was first a professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, before aiding in the rewrite of the 2004 Constitution of Afghanistan. Azimi then became the legal advisor to President Hamid Karzai, until May 2006, when he was appointed to be the Chief Justice of Afghanistan’s Supreme Court. Azimi garnered a reputation as a just and tolerant Chief Justice, taking care to both stand by the law while also improving the judicial system of the country. Under the presidency of Ashraf Ghani, Azimi resigned from his position in 2014. He has three sons and three daughters.

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