Biography of Qader Eshpari


by S. Ghilzai / Published on November 11, 2014

Qader Eshpari is a contemporary Afghan singer.

Qader Eshpari was born in September 1967, in the suburbs of Kabul. Very shortly after, Eshpari’s family fled Afghanistan, due to war, and settled in the United States. Eshpari studied Computer Science at University, and worked as an engineer for many years before returning to his childhood passion of music. He started writing music and lyrics, and collaborating with other Afghan musicians to start to understand the field. Eshpari is highly influenced by the music in Bollywood films, and his own extensive traveling throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and India. Eshpari typically sings pop songs in Dari, and even has a few songs in English. He records his music in his own recording studio. Esphari is part of a new generation of Afghan artist who achieve fame outside of Afghanistan, but to a loyal Afghan fan base throughout the world. Esphari currently lives in California, and travels around the world giving concerts.