National Anthem

Article 20 of Afghanistan’s constitution (adopted in January 2004) states that the National Anthem of Afghanistan shall be in Pashto, mention “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great), and the names of the ethnic groups of Afghanistan. Having the national anthem in the Pashto language was initially met with some resistance by other ethnic groups whose language was not Pashto. Some lawmakers and politicians argued that the anthem should be in Dari (Afghan Persian) as it is the lingua franca of the country, spoken by up to 80% of the population.  Others wanted the anthem to be only an instrumental without any lyrics, in order to avoid ethnic and even religious strife. In the end, it was agreed that the anthem would be in Pashto, however, a requirement was put in that requires the listing of other ethnic groups in the country. By doing this, it created an anthem that was somewhat more inclusive, as most of the ethnic groups are listed, however, the anthem doesn’t actually mention all the ethnic groups. For example, minor ethnic groups, such as the Sikhs, are not mentioned in the anthem.

Afghanistan’s current national anthem was approved by the Afghan President and the Loya Jirga in May 2006.

Lyrics by Abdul Bari Jahani
Music by Babrak Wasa.

Lyrics to the National Anthem


دا وطن افغانستان دی دا عزت د هر افغان دی
کور د سولی کور د توری هر بچی یی قهرمان دی
دا وطن د تولو کور دی د بلوچو د ازبکو
د پښتون او هزارهوو د ترکمنو د تاجکو
ورسره عرب، ګوجر دی پامیریان، نورستانیان
براهوی دی، قزلباش دی هم ایماق، هم پشه ییان
دا هیواد به تل ځلیږی لکه لمر پرشنه آسمان
په سینه کی د آسیا به لکه زړه وی جاویدان
نوم د حق مودی رهبر
وایو الله اکبر وایو الله اکبر وایو الله اکبر 


Daa watan afghanistan do daa ezzat de har afghan di
Kor de soli kor de tori har bachi ye qahraman di
Daa watan di tolo kor di de balocho, de uzbako
De pashtoon aw hazarwoo de turkmano de tajeko
Worsara arab, gojar di pamirian, noristanian
Barahawi di, qizilbash di ham aimaq, ham pashaiyean
Daa hiwad ba til zaligi laka limar pa eshna aasman
Pa sina ki de asia laka zera wi jawidan
Noom de haq mo di rahbar
Wayoo Allah o Akbar, Wayoo Allah o Akbar, Wayoo Allah o Akbar


This land is Afghanistan – It is the pride of every Afghan
The land of peace, the land of the sword – Its sons are all brave
This is the country of every tribe – Land of Baluch, and Uzbeks
Pashtoons, and Hazaras – Turkman and Tajiks with them,
Arabs and Gojars, Pamirian, Nooristanis
Barahawi, and Qizilbash – Also Aimaq, and Pashaye
This Land will shine for ever – Like the sun in the blue sky
In the chest of Asia – It will remain as the heart for ever
We will follow the one God
We all say, Allah is great, we all say, Allah is great, we all say, Allah is great


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