Mullah Nasruddin Jokes

Vengeance – Nasruddin style

One day, Mullah Nasruddin heard a knock on his door. He opened the door and found his daughter standing there crying with a bruise on her eye. “What happened?” Nasruddin asked. She said that she got into a fight with her husband and he beat her.  To his, Nasruddin responded by slapping his daughter in the face. He closed the door and quickly called her husband. When he picked up the phone, he told his daughter’s husband, “I heard about what you did, but  I’ve had my vengeance –  because you hit my daughter, I slapped your wife, take that!”.

Deductive reasoning

– “How old are you, Mullah?”, a boy asked.
– Mullah Nasruddin responded, “3 years older than my brother”.
– “How do you know that?” the boy asked.
-“Reasoning!”, said Mullah Nasruddin. “Last year, I heard my brother tell someone that I was 2 years older than him. A year has passed. Now, I am older by one year. I shall soon be old enough to be his grandfather!”

Tit for tat

Mullah Nasruddin went into a shop to buy a pair of trousers. Once inside, he changed his mind an chose a cloak instead, which was at the same price. Picking up the cloak, he left the shop. “Wait! You have not paid!”, shouted the merchant. The Mullah responded, “I left you the trousers, which is the same value as the cloak”. “But you did not pay for the trousers either”, the confused merchant said. “Of course not”, said Mullah Nasruddin. “Why should I pay for something that I did not want to buy?”.

More useful

One day Mullah Nasruddin entered his favorite teahouse and declared, “The moon is more useful than the sun”. An old man asked, “Why Mullah?” Mullah Nasruddin replied, “Because we need the light more during the night than during the day”.

Standing by his word

A friend asked Mullah Nasruddin how old he was. “Forty”, replied the Mullah.  The friend said, “but you said the same thing two years ago!”.  “Yes”, replied the Mullah, “I always stand by what I have said”.

Replace my donkey

“You may have lost your donkey, but you don’t have to grieve over it more than you did about the loss of your first wife”, a villager told a sad Mullah Nasruddin.  “Ah”, said Mullah Nasruddin, “but if you remember, when I lost my wife, all the villagers said we will find you someone else, so far, nobody has offered to replace my donkey”.

Wet Nasruddin

Mullah Nasruddin nearly fell into a pool one day. A man whom he know was nearby, and saved him from falling in. Every time, this man met Nasruddin, he would remind him of the event and how he saved him. After several times, Nasruddin took him to the water, and jumped in. He stood with his head just above the water, and shouted, “Now I am as wet as I would have been if you had not saved me, so leave me alone!”