National Unity Government

Members of the National Unity Government (NUG)

Ashraf Ghani (Ahmadzai)
Chief Executive Officer
Abdullah Abdullah

Ghani’s Vice Presidents Abdullah’s Deputies
First Vice President
Abdul Rashid Dostum
Second Vice President
Mohammad Sarwar Danish
First Deputy
Khyal Mohammad Mohammad Khan
Second Deputy
Mohammad Mohaqiq

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Salahuddin Rabbani
  • Minister of Interior: Taj Mohammad Jahid
  • Minister of National Defense: General Abdullah Khan Habibi
  • Minister of Finance: Eklil Ahmad Hakimi
  • Minister of Education: Assadullah Hanif Balkhi
  • Minister of Higher Education: Farida Momand
  • Minister of Energy and Water: Ali Ahmad Osmani
  • Minister of Justice: Abdul Basir Anwar
  • Minister of Hajj and Islamic Affairs: Faiz Mohammad Osmani
  • Minister of Economy: Abdul Sattar Murad
  • Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development: Nasir Ahmad Durrani
  • Minister of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyred, and Disabled: Faizullah Zaki
  • Minister of Counter Narcotics: Salamat Azimi
  • Minister of Information and Culture: Abdul Bari Jahani
  • Minister of Mines: Daud Shah Saba
  • Minister of Agriculture: Assadullah Zameer
  • Minister of Trade and Commerce: Humayoon Rasaw
  • Minister of Public Works: Mahmoud Baligh
  • Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs: Mohammad Gulab Mangal
  • Minister of Refugees and Repatriation: Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi
  • Minister of Tourism: Ghulam Nabi Farahi
  • Minister of Public Health: Ferozuddin Feroz
  • Minister of Housing and Urban Development: Sayed Mansur Naderi
  • Minister of Women’s Affairs: Dilbar Nazari
  • Minister for Transportation and Civil Aviation: Muhamadullah Batash
  • Minister of Communications and Information Technology: Abdul Razaq Wahidi
  • Minister of Parliamentary Affairs: Farooq Wardak

Chief of the National Directorate of Security (NDS)

Mohammed Masoom Stanekzai

National Security Advisor

Mohammad Hanif Atmar

Attorney General

Mohammad Farid


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