Biography of Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai


By Abdullah Qazi / 2004

Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai is the head of the Hezb-e-Iqtedar Islam political party. His party belongs to a political alliance named Jabahai Tafahim Millie or National Understanding Front which includes, but is not limited to such parties as Hezb-e-Afghanistan Naween led by Mohammad Yunis Qanuni, and Wahdat-e-Mardum Afghanistan led by Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq. Ahmadzai was a candidate in the October 2004 presidential elections; he only received 0.8% of the votes. After the fall of the communists regime in 1992, Ahmadzai served as Deputy Prime Minister in the Mujahideen government. Ahmadzai strongly believes in the establishment of an Islamic system of government in Afghanistan. Ahmadzai was born in 1944 in Kabul.

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