Biography of Ahmad Wali

Ahmad Wali

by S. Ghilzai / January 27, 2016

Ahmad Wali is a famous Afghan singer and musician. Born in Kabul, Ahmad Wali gained popularity from his collaboration with his ex-wife and fellow Afghan singer, Hangama. During his childhood he picked up the tabla instrument and taught himself how to sing. Unsure what path to take with his life, Wali enrolled in the Kabul Police Academy, before dropping out and studying classical music with the famous musician Ustad Sarahang. Since Wali is classically trained, he performs ghazals as well as pop songs. In the mid-80’s he fled to Germany and married Hangama. They have one child together, a son named Massieh Wali. Ahmad Wali continues to make music and tours Europe and the United States giving concerts.

Photo of Hangama and Ahmad Wali on their wedding day


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