Biography of Ameer Shah Hasanyaar


Updated: 2018

Dr. Amir Shah Hasanyar son of Ghulam Hassan was born in Panjab district of Bamyan province. He received his BA from the Faculty of Agriculture at Kabul University. He obtained his MA degree in ecology from New York State University and his PhD in agriculture from the Colorado State University in the United States.
Hasanyaar is the former Minister of Higher Education under President Karzai. From 1972 until 1992.  Hasanyaar served as a Lecturer in the Agriculture Faculty of Kabul University. From 1992 until 1996, he was the Director of Kabul University. Ameer Hasanyaar has published eight textbooks for Kabul University and hundreds of research essays. He has also held membership of different councils such as the [Kabul] University Academic Council, High Council for the Protection of the Islamic System of Afghanistan, Cultural Council of the Ministry of Information and Culture, etc.