Biography of Dr. Anahita Ratebzad

Dr. Ratebzad

By: Christi Qazi
Updated 3/21/18

Anahita Ratebzad was born in November 1, 1931, Guldara, Afghanistan.  She was an Afghan socialist and Marxist politician and a member of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan and the Revolutionary Council under the leadership of Babrak Karmal. Anahita Ratebzad was the highest ranking woman in the parcham faction of the PDPA, She is well known as an expert propagandist and close companion of Babrak Karmal. She also obtained an MD degree from Kabul University in 1963. Her former husband, Dr. Qamaruddin Kakar used to be Zahir Shah’s personal physician. She died September 7, 2014, in Dortmund, Germany