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Ehsan Aman

by S. Ghilzai / January 27, 2016

Ehsan Aman is an Afghan singer and musician. Born in 1959 in Lashkargah (capital of Helmand Province), Aman is the son of an engineer and thought to be from a specific Baloch group of people called the Sarparah. As a child and young adult, Aman played the accordion and sang. After high school he won a scholarship to study at Kabul University in the field of engineering. It was in Kabul that his musicianship started to flourish. He would play live performances, and gain a loyal following. However, due to some misunderstanding of some of his lyrics, his songs were banned from Kabul Radio. Due to his quick rise to fame, as well as the heightening security issues in Afghanistan, Aman fled Afghanistan in 1981, first arriving in Pakistan, and then finally moving to the United States, where he still lives today in Springfield, Virginia. He also holds US citizenship.

In 1983, he released his first album titled Musafer, which means someone who has left his homeland. After this release, until the mid 90’s Aman was absent from Afghan music – he had re-started a career in engineering. However, fans urged him to return to music, and he finally did. In 2002, The Embassy of Afghanistan to the United States commissioned Aman to re-do, and perform the national anthem of Afghanistan, which he obliged. Since then he has released four albums; Blue MoodsAfghan HopeHeart Beat, and Echoes from the Past, respectively. He is married to Sahar Aman, the daughter of the Afghan poet, and mentor of Ahmad Zahir, Nainawaz.

Ehsan Aman interview on Afghan show ShabKhand on 1TV in Afghanistan (2013/in Farsi)


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