Biography of Mahmud Karzai

Mahmud Karzai

by S. Ghilzai / Published on July 7, 2014

Mahmud Karzai is the eldest son in the Karzai family. He is the older brother of President Hamid Karzai.

Born in 1955, to the influential Karzai family, Mahmud Karzai is a businessman and entrepreneur. Karzai owns restaurants and land in Northern California and in and around Baltimore, Maryland. He also has inherited a lot of land in Afghanistan from his family.

Karzai owns over 20,000 shares of Kabul Bank (about 7.4% of the entire bank), making him the third biggest shareholder of the Bank, as well as the only cement factory in Afghanistan, the Ghori Cement Factory in Kabul. He also owned the only Toyota dealership in Afghanistan.

Karzai has been caught up in a quite a few scandals including the Kabul Bank bank run, as well as being reviewed by the IRS in the U.S for evading taxes, and extortion. His cement factory has also been accused of horrible and unsafe work conditions as well as poor wages.