Biography of Mir Wais Hotaki

Mir Wais Hotaki

by Abdullah Qazi
Updated: September 22, 2008

Mir Wais Hotaki lead a successful revolt against Persia (Iran) in 1709, and founded the Hotaki dynasty. Mir Wais’ first act was to eliminate Gurgin Khan, the Georgian-born governor of Kandahar, who was representing Persia. When the Persians sent their army to crush the rebellion, Mir Wais defeated them. Eventually, his actions set the stage for a successful Afghan invasion of Persia in 1722 by his son Mir Mahmud who took over after Mir Wais died of natural causes in 1715 at the age of 42. Unfortunately, Mir Mahmud’s rule was characterized as being bloody and vicious and he met an early death in 1725. Ashraf, Mahmud’s cousin took over until Nadir Shah Afshar came to power in Persia and finally ended the short lived Hotaki dynasty in 1730. Neither Mir Mahmud or Ashraf had the necessary leadership skills and ability to unite the Afghan tribes like Mir Wais had. Mir Wais Hotaki never took on the tile of king or emperor, however today, Afghans refer to him as Neeka, meaning Grandfather of the nation. Mir Wais was born near Kandahar city in 1673.