Biography of Mohib Ullah Samim


Written by Abdullah Qazi on April 24, 2010
Other spellings of name: Mohibullah Samim

Mohib Ullah Samim, a native of Ghazni province, has been the governor of Paktika province, in south-eastern Afghanistan since April 21, 2010. He replaced Abdul Qayyum Katawazi. Before being appointed governor by President Hamid Karzai, Samim served as a publisher of a private magazine in Kabul. Before that, he was Ghazni province’s Director of Information and Culture, and he had also worked as a sub-governor in two Ghazni districts. He has bachelor’s degree in linguistics. In a ceremony marking his first day on the job, Samim reached out to the Taliban.  He said: “To the Taliban I say, come to the government and talk. Let’s make it better for all of us. I will try to respect everyone. I will try to bring unity to all tribes. I will be working for unity on behalf of all people of Paktika province and my door is open 24 hours a day if you need me.”