Biography of Sayed Ahmad Gailani


Pir Sayyid Ahmed Gailani was the leader (Pir) of the Qadiriyyah Sufi order in Afghanistan, and the founder of the National Islamic Front of Afghanistan (Mahaz-i-Milli Islami ye Afghanistan), a party that was associated with the Mujahideen who led the war against the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

Gailani was the head of Mahaz-i-Milli-Islami (National Islamic Front). He was a strong supporter of the former Afghan king Mohammad Zahir. In the October 2004 presidential elections, Gailani supported Hamid Karzai. He has declared his support for the US presence in Afghanistan, and also believes that “innocent” members of the Taliban should be allowed to participate in Afghan politics. He was born on May 1, 1932, Peer Sayed Ahmad Gilani died at NDS hospital in the evening of January 21, 2017 in the capital, Kabul after a short illness