Afghan Children – Volume 1

Collection of photos by A. Raffaele Ciriello (taken in 1995 & 1996)

Kabul, 1995
Kabul, 1995
Children from Koochi nomad tribe
Kabul, Primary School
Kabul, 1995: motor bike repair shop
Kabul, 1995: outside a carpet-seller shop
1995: at a “bus stop” on the way to Maidan Shar
Kabul, shopping for bread
Kabul, Winter 1996 along Maywand valley
Small shopkeeper in Kabul
Would You like some tea?
Brother and Sister in Kabul, 1995
Primary school in Kabul
Jabal-Seraj, 1996
On the frontline, a few mile south of Charikar, in November 1996

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