Afghan Women – Volume 1

Collection of photos by A. Raffaele Ciriello (taken in 1995 & 1996)

Kabul, 1995: after the University was rocketed by the Taliban, based at that time in Meidan Shar, a young student tries to re-file the survived books.
Amputee in Kabul
Kabul, 1995: in Pre-Taliban times, You could easily see beauty salons crowded with women getting ready for a wedding party.
Kabul, 1995: University students
Maidan Shar, 20 km. from Kabul: this lady’s driver told me he had just been beaten by the Taliban for not obscuring his cab’s windows while driving around a woman.
Kabul, mother and son
Peshawar: Afghan refugee family in UNHCR camp
Shia Cemetery in Kabul
November 1996: Women on the way to Tagab
November 1996, along the road from Charikar to Jabal-Seraj
Man and wife in Kabul

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