Daily Life in Kabul

Collection of photos by A. Raffaele Ciriello (taken in 1995 & 1996)

Kabul, Winter 1996: Hard times in Kabul when it starts snowing. Kabulis can only rely on cotton dresses ( Patù ) which offers little or no comfort under these conditions.
Kabul, 1995: Money Market
Kabul, 1995: One of the several body-building clubs spread all over the city.
Kabul, 1995: Nightlife in Sha-Re-Nau district Restaurant
Kabul, 1995: the Zoo Guardian. This gentleman was bravely taking care of the Lion, at that time the lone host of Kabul Zoo. More than one Year after, I went back to Kabul Zoo to visit the guardian and give him this picture. When he saw himself on the photograph, this man embraced me and started sobbing.
Kabul, 1995: Homemade Soda Bottling Warehouse
Kabul, 1995: Just Married. At first I couldn’t understand the bride’s crying, until I was told it was the anniversary of her small brother’s death, due to a rocket blast.
Kabul, 1995: Afghanistan TV Studios
Kabul: the Mosque along Kabul River
Kabul, 1995: Traffic at Sunset
Kabul, Winter 1996: Man and Wife
Kabul, 1995: Motorbike repair shop
Kabul, Winter 1996: crowd attending an ICRC food distribution for widows.
Kabul, 1995: Movie Theatre
Kabul, Winter 1996: Public Transportation