Landmines in Afghanistan

Collection of photos by A. Raffaele Ciriello (taken in 1995 & 1996)

Deminer from a private British company “Halo Trust”, on the road from Kabul to Charikar
This man is one of the most beloved foreigners in all of Afghanistan. His name is Dr. Alberto Cairo, and he was born in Italy. Thanks to Dr. Cairo, it does not matter if the patient is old, young, poor , Kabul born or a new-in-town Kandahari Taliban, he or she will receive unbelievable treatment with unbelievable results. Dr. Cairo has been able to manage a manufacturing cycle allowing him to construct and fit thousands of prostheses a year. Moreover, they are completely self-sufficient.
Dr. Alberto Cairo at work
A young Taliban undergoing rehabilitation in Wazir Akbar Khan Orthopaedic Centre
This young boy shows us a fragmentation- and a so-said butterfly-type anti-personnel mines. Both of them are soviet-made.
Prosthesis manufacturing from local employees in ICRC Wazir Akbar Khan Orthopaedic Centre.
Kabul, 1995: mine-awareness campaign in primary schools.
Kabul, 96: Karte Seh Hospital
This young girl had just undergone surgery in Karte Seh Hospital after losing a leg on a landmine.
9 years old patient in ICRC Wazir Akbar Khan Orthopaedic Centre.
Near Bagram Air Base, 1995:
these armoured small trucks have been reported less effective than expected, when dealing with small anti-personnel mines.
Amputees in Kabul, Maywand Alley