Biography of Dr. Najibullah Ahmadzai


By Abdullah Qazi / 2001

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Dr. Najibullah Ahmadzai was placed as the head of KHAD, the Afghan version of the KGB. It was KHAD’s task to eradicate the opposition, and provide military intelligence. As head of KHAD, Dr. Najibullah was known for barbarism, and brutality. KHAD was set up with extensive Soviet assistance. Like, Babrak Karmal, Dr. Najibullah was a member of the Parcham faction of the PDPA. Eventually, in 1986, after replacing Babrak Karmal, the Soviet Union installed Dr. Najibullah as President. He remained president for 6 years, until Mujahideen forces finally defeated him in 1992. Prevented from fleeing the country, he took refuge in the UN compound in Kabul. He lived in the compound until September 1996, when Taliban troops captured the city from Ahmad Shah Masood. When Kabul was captured, the Taliban almost immediately executed Dr. Najibullah and his brother, then they hanged their lifeless bodies in the center of the city.

Dr. Najibullah was born in 1947, and had a degree in Medicine from Kabul University.

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