Collection of photos by A. Raffaele Ciriello (taken in 1995 & 1996)

The Frontline, about 15 km south of Charikar,
during an ordinary rocket-exchange day in Winter 1996
Taliban troops in Maidan Shar
Teenage Taliban Fighter with Soviet-made RPG-7 grenade-launcher
The Taliban on the left was the Commander in Tagab: he was definitely friendly with me, allowing me to spend the night safely in Tagab while on the way to Jabal-Siraj. I left him this Polaroid as a souvenir.
Kabul, 1996
Tagab, 1996
Kabul, Maywand Alley
The commander of a Soviet-made 22-caliber multiple-barrel rocket launcher post just outside Kabul
Taliban having a discussion
Taliban commander, a few miles from Tagab, 1996
Talib turban
Taliban commander inside a container-headquarter. This was the last Taliban post along the road from Kabul to Charikar in November-December 1996
Maidan Shar, 1995: this was the closest the Taliban were to Kabul in June 1995