The United Front – Jamiat and other Alliance Troops

Collection of photos by A. Raffaele Ciriello (taken in 1995 & 1996)

Inside a UAZ 4×4 vehicle in Salang Pass
Hazara fighters in Bamiyan
On board a Soviet-made MI8 helicopter on a flight to Bamiyan
Bagram Air Base: taking care of an ammunition load
Teenager mujahed in Bamiyan


On the background, the not-so-far mountain group of Salang Pass
1995, just outside Kabul towards Maidan Shar, at that time held by Taliban militia
Resting Mujaheddin in Sha-Re-Nau district, Kabul
The guardian of a T-62 tanks parking in Kabul
Greeting Commander Masoud in Estalef
Kabul, 1995: Government Special Forces
T-62 tank in Salang Pass. At that time Jamiat-e Islami was clashing in Salang Pass with Jumbush-e Melli troops.
South of Charikar, Winter 1996: the commander of a rocket launcher post, in front line close vicinity.